Sony Ericsson F305 Is for Game Players

Sunday, 9 May 2010 Leave a Comment
There are times when a person has to sit and wait around, either for someone to meet up with them, or while riding on a bus to get somewhere. Sony Ericsson F305 Is for Game PlayersWhen these times arise there really isn’t too much that you can do except sit there and wait. Most mobile phones today have media applications that you can use, such as a music player or video player to idly pass the time with. Those are pretty good, but the new Sony Ericsson F305 is advertising itself as a gaming device. Now, THAT is something you can get interested in for sure.
One thing that this phone has that no other mobile phone on the market can attest to is the controller like buttons from the PlayStation video game controllers. The typical X and O buttons are right there so that you can play your games with a sense of style. With an extra button on the left hand side, you can get a list of games that are available on your phone for you to play. All of the buttons work extremely well, and you shouldn’t have any issues with them sticking or getting in the way of each other.
If you are looking for a phone that offers you hours of entertainment, you will be happy to see that there are 11 games preloaded on the phone.
It also has another 50 games on the M2 card so you shouldn’t have to worry about not finding something you would want to play. Sony has offered up a wide variety of genres for you to play with, and while some games aren’t all that much to get excited about, there are some that are extremely fun and entertaining to pass your time with.
While it may be fun to sit around and play some games while you are waiting, you should probably not be playing while walking around, especially if you are crossing the street. When you’re on the go, the only option you really have is to listen to music, and surprisingly enough the audio application on the F305 isn’t all that bad. While the headphones that come with the phone are OK, the built in speaker does a tremendous job of allowing you to listen to the music. While the bass is a bit low, actually pretty much nonexistent, the treble and the mids are very good.
Overall, this is a great phone with all of the games that you have the ability to use. If you aren’t playing the games, the music player is easy to use and functions quite well, even without the bass. You should probably get different headphones to go with it, but that’s a pretty easy fix when you think about it. The phone itself is clear and functions well, and that’s what most people would want in a phone, anyway. If you are a game player, you will absolutely love this phone and all the options you have at entertainment with it.


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    is there any updates available for Sony Ericsson F305. ???

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